Personal,Home, Car and Student Loans 3-in-1 Plan

Loans 3-in-1 Plan

When in South Africa, you can avail the 3-in-1 Plan in Personal,Home, Car and Student Loans. Most providers give this offer upfront with the credit reports obtainable upon completing the application. No amount is charged for this purpose. 2 types of services – the Legal and ID assist are activated once the fee is paid.

Legal Assist

Legal advice can prove to be handy when you need it the most. With sound legal aid, you can know what you need to do in order to prevent the payment of expensive lawyer charges or for preventing imprisonment. The Legal Assistance service had been created only with this purpose in mind. The challenging legal situations are often a common occurrence, and they happen when they are least expected. The legal assistance services offer legal advice with regards to fines, criminal offenses, divorce, contracts, maintenance and other kinds of legal advice.

Labor law advice is also offered and this includes unfair and inappropriate labor practices, annual leave, basic wages, disciplinary hearing, and similar legal advices. In case there is a motor vehicle accident, the loan provider looks into illegal removal of your vehicle or it’s towing by unauthorized operators, repairs for damaged vehicle, third party claims, injuries and a message to the relative or family member of the person concerned. The road accident fund offers advice about how and when to lodge a claim by filling up the relevant forms. Attorney referrals are also provided. Here, members are offered an initial free consultation and a letter is drafted to the third party.

Then the member decides whether they want to carry on with the referred attorney, but is liable for the fee that has been agreed upon between them and the attorney. In the standard legal documents, the following is provided to the member if required:

  • A claims kit
  • Divorce kit
  • Child maintenance kit
  • Lease arrangements
  • Purchase and sale agreement
  • Last testament

If the company determines that the matter is not urgent and can be normally resolved then the person should get back later for assistance.

ID Assistance

This is a telephone based round the clock advice line that is managed by qualified attorneys offering remedial and preventive measures in case when the identity theft, fraud or loss is experienced. In that case, the member is assisted for preventing any sort of document or identity information from being used illegally. The member can get in touch with the relevant organizations to stop or block their contracts and cards. It also helps with ID and driver’s license documentation and replacement. An experienced legal advisor offers preventative services by assessing and the member’s information and then advises him with the relevant steps that he needs to take.

The member is provided with telephone and fax numbers along with the email and website URL of the credit bureau, home affairs department, driver’s license testing station and similar organizations that can assist them. A fraud prevention kit is also provided in order to offer helpful guidance and advice with reporting templates.

The member receives a checklist through email or fax so that they can record the steps that are taken and the contacts that are made. Remedial services provide the rectification when documents or information has been used in a fraudulent manner with a fraudulent account notification template or a dispute notice of debit on the current account as a result of identity theft.

Personal,Home, Car and Student Loans can be a great way to provide you funding. They help in making a personalized financing agenda. These are the best options if you borrow the money for less than 10 years or for purchase or repayment of your existing debt. In order to avail the personal loan, it is best to be clear about your situation right from the outset.

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